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The Cascadian Crossing Route (CCR300) Overview

Grand Depart: Friday of Labor Day Weekend

Welcome to the CCR300 Website

The Cascadian Crossing Route (CCR300) is a 312 mile bikepacking loop in Central Oregon. The route is heavily focused on singletrack / trail riding, there is over 32K’ of vertical gain along the way with a few very remote sections. There are several high-quality resupply opportunities in the iconic towns of Sisters, McKenzie Bridge, Oakridge while you traverse the Deschutes /Willamette National Forests.

Any individual attempting this route should have ample backcountry riding experience and be comfortable dealing with any situation that may arise. This is a free, unsupported annual event.

2020 Grand Depart:
Friday September 4th, 2020: 6 am Drake Park Bend, OR

The CCR300 is similar to The Colorado Trail Race, The Arizona Trail Race and numerous other quasi underground self-supported bikepacking “races” or “grand departs.” A route description, GPX track, suggested start time and list of results will be provided.

  • Complete the full route under your own power with no outside support, caches, crews and pre-arranged meetings
  • Be courteous to all trail users and use proper etiquette at all times (ie. yielding to other users, obey all laws etc).

All riders must be experienced backcountry travelers and understand their responsibilities. Minimize your impact to the environment and be diligent with Leave No Trace Principals.

Route Overview

The Route

Logistically, it is likely easiest to start and finish in Bend, Oregon with ample access to groceries, bike equipment, parking, beer and being in close proximity to Redmond Airport, though anywhere along the route would be suitable. The below description is based on a Bend Start / Finish.

From town, you will immediately head West on Galveston St. towards Skyliners Rd and Phil’s Trailhead. At Phil’s, you will climb a network of trails to Tumalo Falls, the first of a series of waterfalls on the North Fork trail. Once in Happy Valley, the route will pick up the Met – Win trail and head north, bordering the Three Sisters Wilderness to the Peterson Ridge Trail (PRT), descending to the town of Sisters (mile 45).

After passing through Sisters, the route will join Segment 7 of the Oregon Timber Trail: Santiam Wagon Road. This brings you to the first crossing of the Cascades and Pacific Crest Trail by entering the Willamette region of Central Oregon. The terrain and plant diversity will change instantaneously as you descend to the McKenzie River (MRT). At mile 99 you will pass a few critical resupply options in the heart of the Willamette in McKenzie Bridge.

The push to Oakridge is a completed through a remote network of forestry roads. The route utilizes pavement for ~10 miles as you veer off and climbs to the Indian Ridge high point (elevation ~4,999), you will likely be in the clouds for some time. The gravel road traverse ends at the world famous Alpine Trail intersection (A-T-C-A). Enjoy this ribbon all the way to Westfir and Oakridge for several highly recommended resupply opportunities in the mountain biking hub of the Cascades.

As you depart town, prepare yourself for the likely crux of the journey on OTT Segment 5: Bunchgrass Ridge. To reach the high point of Bunchgrass proper, you will need to climb an approximate vertical mile. This will mark the second crossing of the Cascade Crest as you descend to the Cascades Lakes region of the Route.

This portion includes prime single track riding, passing numerous lakes along the way. You will once again cross the PCT outside of Waldo Lakes, marking the final stretch of the journey. Lava Lakes at mile 260 will mark the last limited resupply opportunity before a few more thousand feet of climbing and descending to the finish in Bend.

**Over 200 miles of Singletrack**


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