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The CCR300 is similar to The Colorado Trail Race, The Arizona Trail Race and numerous other quasi underground self-supported bikepacking races. The race site will provide a route description and map, a suggested start time and a list of results.

There is no entry fee, no support, no registration, and no prize money.

Summary of the Rules:

  • Complete the full route under your own power
  • Be courteous to all trail users and use proper etiquette at all times (ie. yielding to other users, obey traffic laws etc). The CCR300 will not accept any rider actions that may jeopardize future events.
  • No outside support, caches, crews. No pre-arranged meetings along the route.
  • Follow the full track or designated detours
  • Utilize only commercially available services available to all riders on the route
  • Wear lights while riding county roads at night.
  • If you deviate from the course and choose to continue, you must re-join at the exact location of your departure.
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Minimize your impact to the environment and be diligent with Leave No Trace Principals. All racers and riders will be experienced backcountry travelers and understand their responsibilities.

The Oregon Timber Trail Alliance:

All individuals participating are strongly encouraged to donate time or money to the Oregon Timber Trail Alliance. Without them, we wouldn’t have this route!

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